Industry leading quality management

At RigQuip we see quality management and effective business management as one and the same. We’re obsessed with quality and are constantly improving. We continue to invest in this to give our clients confidence in the services we offer, whether that’s provision of a complete drilling rig package, recertification of equipment or a small parts and expendables order. We attract high quality personnel, employing only those who share our attention to detail.

In 2017 RigQuip became the very first drilling equipment company in the world to achieve API Q2 certification. API Q2 is the first quality standard specifically for drilling industry service companies. It represents a significant leap forward from the latest ISO9001:2015 standard which the business also holds. The purpose of API Q2 is specifically to reduce risk and improve the quality of repair and service of oilfield equipment. The standard was developed as a direct result of the Macondo incident and focuses on risk mitigation, standardisation, material traceability, and personnel competence. API Q2 is challenging to achieve and maintain. It mandates risk assessment, service quality planning, service design and validation, contingency planning and management of change when conducting all activities.

The business retains API Q2 certification for all of it’s activities – supply of rig packages, drilling equipment and associated services including mechanical, electrical and controls engineering, integration and project management; repair, service and maintenance of drilling equipment including supply of parts, expendables and field support.

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