Top Drive Service

Top Drive Service
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Top drive inspection, repair and service in accordance with API RP-7G and API RP-8B

Whether it’s old or new, we keep your top drive online – providing inspections, repair and servicing. Our experienced team supports you in the field, troubleshooting and responding to rig down situations. We also carry out workshop based five yearly overhauls to exacting standards, utilising long developed proprietary work instructions that meet or exceed manufacturer standards.

As part of five yearly maintenance we’ll complete detailed strip down and inspection of your top drive including main shaft, rotating head assembly, gearbox assembly, link tilt assembly, counterbalance, torque arrestor and pipehandler. We’ll then inspect your swing or retract dolly and assess your motor, pumps, cooling system and electrical components.

We’ll make detailed repairs where required, to exacting standards. Any machining or welding will be carried out by RigQuip API Q2 quality system controlled facilities. We’ll provide all of the required spares parts you need, RigQuip approved ahead of reassembly. We can then test your top drive and reinstall and commission on site. We’ll do all of this and provide you with a warranty the same as the manufacturer.

Models supported

  • NOV IDS-1
    NOV IDS-3
    NOV IDS-4
    NOV IDS-350PE
    NOV TDH-150
    NOV TDS-150
    NOV TDH-250
    NOV TDS-3
    NOV TDS-4H
    NOV TDS-4S
    NOV TDS-5
    NOV TDS-6
    NOV TDS-7
    NOV TDS-8S
    NOV TDS-9S
    NOV TDS-10SH
    NOV TDS-11SA

  • NOV TDS-11SH
    NOV TDS 1000
    NOV TDX-1000
    NOV TDX-1250
    NOV TDX-1500
    Cameron TD-250-AC-1M
    Cameron TD-350-AC-1M
    Cameron TD-500-AC-2M
    Cameron TD-750-AC-1M-C
    Cameron TD-1000-AC-2M
    Cameron DDTD-500
    Cameron DDTD-750
    Cameron DDTD-1000
    MH Wirth DDM-650-AC
    MH Wirth DDM-650-AC-2M
    MH Wirth DDM-750-AC

  • MH Wirth DDM-750-AC-2M
    MH Wirth DDM-1000-AC-2M
    MH Wirth MDDM 1000
    MH Wirth MDDM 1250
    MH Wirth TD 1250
    MH Wirth TD 1500
    MH Wirth PTD-500-AC
    MH Wirth PTD-500-AC-1M
    MH Wirth PTD-500-AC-2M
    MH Wirth PTD-500-AC-1250 HP
    Bentec TD-275-HT
    Bentec TD-350-HT
    Bentec TD-500-XT
    Bentec TD-750-HT
    Canrig 4017AC
    Canrig 6027AC

  • Canrig 8050AC
    Canrig 1235AC
    Canrig 1250AC
    Canrig 1275AC
    Canrig 1575AC
    Tesco Corp 150/250 EMI 400
    Tesco Corp 350/400 EXI 600/800
    Tesco Corp 500/650 ECI 900
    Tesco Corp 500 ESI 1000
    Tesco Corp 500 ESI 1350
    Tesco Corp 750 ESI 1350
    Tesco Corp 150 HXI700
    Tesco Corp 250 HXI 700
    Tesco Corp 250 HMI 475
    Tesco Corp 500/650 HCIS 750
    Tesco Corp 500/650 HCIS 1205

  • 213

    Top drive projects completed to date

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