Mud Pump Service

Mud Pump Service
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Mud pump inspection, repair and service in compliance with API 7K

We keep your mud pumps running in first class condition – providing onsite inspections, repairs and complete overhaul as well as all associated parts.

Periodically we’ll inspect for wear, cracks and damage to critical components such as bearings, bull gear and pinion, conrods and crossheads. We’ll check the condition of your seals and other rubber goods and look for oil contamination. We’ll inspect your frame and ensure your pump is set up as per the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances, providing feedback and detailed reporting.

Where overhaul is required we’ll take care of complete disassembly, cleaning and NDT. Repairs will be made to machined components as necessary. Bearings, seals and other components will be replaced in line with our inspections. Motors will be overhauled, lube systems serviced and pulsation dampeners recertified. We’ll also check your fluid ends are in spec and can repair or replace. Your pump is then fully reassembled and commissioned.

We can do all of this on site or you can ship your crankshaft to a RigQuip location for workshop overhaul. Either way, we’ll work closely with your rig crew and provide first class start up support.

Models supported

  • National 8-P-80
    National 9-P-100
    National 10-P-130
    National 12-P-160
    National 14-P-220
    Oilwell A-1700-PT
    Continental Emsco F-1000
    Continental Emsco FB-1600
    Continental Emsco FD-1600

  • IDECO T-1300
    IDECO T-1600
    American Block K-800
    American Block K-1000
    American Block K-1300
    American Block K-1600
    American Block K-2200
    Gardner Denver PZ-10
    Gardner Denver PZ-11

  • LEWCO WH-1000
    LEWCO WH-1312
    LEWCO WH-1612
    LEWCO WH-2012
    LEWCO WH-2214
    MH Wirth TPK 800
    MH Wirth TPK 1000
    MH Wirth TPK 1300
    MH Wirth TPK 1600

  • MH Wirth TPK 2000
    MH Wirth TPK 2200
    RigQuip RP 800
    RigQuip RP 1300
    RigQuip RP 1600
    RigQuip RP 2200
    RigQuip RP 800Q
    RigQuip RP 1600Q
    RigQuip RP 2400Q

  • 636

    Mud pump projects completed to date

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