Field Service

Field Service

Expert drilling equipment and offshore construction field support

RigQuip is your drilling equipment field service partner and your competitive advantage. We carry out expert drilling equipment inspections, repairs and full five yearly service and recertification. We cover the entire drilling package, from the crown down and are experienced in all major brands and models of drilling equipment. We provide you with the assurance you need that your equipment is properly prepared and maintained for your drilling campaign.

We take a fit for purpose approach, providing industry leading quality and competitive day rates. Our expert teams cover all of the key disciplines required for turnkey delivery of your drilling equipment maintenance projects. We grew up in the North Sea and now have bases in all international hubs. We can mobilise personnel rapidly in any region of the world, and when we do, our teams come properly prepared with expert service quality plans developed over our long history, and all of the correct technical reference material.

Our field service engineers are supported by unmatched technical expertise in our technical support function and industry leading quality management. API Q2 is the world’s first quality standard specifically for drilling equipment service and field service, and we’re proud to be the world’s first API Q2 certified drilling equipment service organisation. This means that for the first time ever you can achieve an API qualified recertification of equipment in the field.

What’s more, we provide all the offshore construction support service personnel you would expect to facilitate major drilling equipment maintenance workscopes, such as five yearly SPS programmes and complete rig reactivations.

Drilling equipment service personnel:

  • Mechanical service engineers
  • Mechanical service supervisors
  • Electrical & controls service engineers
  • Electrical & controls service supervisors
  • Software engineers
  • Software supervisors

Offshore construction personnel:

  • Offshore construction managers
  • Structural service engineers
  • NDT technicians
  • LOLER focal points
  • Riggers
  • Platers
  • Pipe fitters
  • Labourers

Models supported

  • Continental Emsco C-1 TYPE II
    Continental Emsco C-1 TYPE II
    Continental Emsco C-1 TYPE III
    Continental Emsco C-2 TYPE II
    Continental Emsco C-2 TYPE II
    Continental Emsco C-2 TYPE III
    Continental Emsco C-3 TYPE II
    Continental Emsco C-3 TYPE II
    Continental Emsco C-3 TYPE III
    Gardner Denver GD-1500-E
    Gardner Denver GD-2100-E
    Gardner Denver GD-3000-E

  • IDECO-E-1700
    LEWCO LDW3000
    LEWCO LDW4500
    National 110-UE
    National 110-UDBE
    National 110-DBE
    National 110-M
    National 110-DBM
    National 1320-UE

  • National 1320-UDBE
    National 1320-DBE
    National 1320-M
    National 1320-DBMNational 1625-DBM
    National 1625-DE
    National 1625-UDBE
    National 1625-DBE
    National 1625-M
    National 1625-DBM
    National 2040-UDBE
    National 2040-UDBEL
    National TYPE 55

  • Oilwell E-2000
    Oilwell E-3000
    RigQuip RH3000
    RigQuip RH5600
    RigQuip RH6000

  • 7452

    Equipment service projects completed to date

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