Iron Roughneck Service

Iron Roughneck Service
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Fit for purpose iron roughneck maintenance

Your iron roughneck lives a tough life. When it’s time for maintenance RigQuip provides expert support. We support our clients with on site inspection, repairs and troubleshooting in the case of breakdowns. We also carry out complete iron roughneck overhaul. We take a fit for purpose approach, providing competitive pricing and fast turnaround with industry leading quality.

Our expert team carries out complete strip down and detailed visual, dimensional and NDT inspection of all iron roughneck components. We carry out machining, welding and hydraulics repairs as required and rebuild to our proprietary work instructions before function test and client approval.

Over our long history we’ve worked on a huge number of iron roughnecks. We support most major brands and models. We also provide parts and install upgrade kits.

Models supported

  • NOV IR2100
    NOV AR3000
    NOV AR3200
    NOV ST-80
    NOV ST-100
    NOV ST-120
    NOV ST160
    NOV Hydratong ARN-270
    NOV Hydratong MPT-270
    Cameron JiM 10

  • Cameron JiM 20
    MH Wirth RNX 203R
    MH Wirth RNX 215R
    MH Wirth RNX 300R
    MH Wirth RNX 203P
    MH Wirth RNX 215P
    MH Wirth RNX 300P
    Bentec IR-100-5-B
    Bentec IR-100-8-B
    Blohm+Voss FH70

  • Blohm+Voss WR80
    Blohm+Voss FH80
    Blohm+Voss FH100
    Blohm+Voss WR120
    Canrig TM-80-110
    Canrig TM-80-125
    Canrig TM-120-110
    Canrig TM-120-125
    Drillmec PCT-80
    Drillmec PCT-100

  • Drillmec PCT-130
    Hawk Industries Hawkjaw
    Hawk Industries T-WREX Junior
    Hawk Industries T-WREX
    Loadmaster LM120H
    Weatherford TorkWrench 10-100

  • 187

    Iron roughneck projects completed to date

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